[Nottingham] Ubuntu udev hell

Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 13 10:28:03 BST 2006

One of my Ubuntu machines (the one that runs the MAME cabinet) is broken due 
to udev insanity. Here's a list of URLs that might throw some light on what's 
going on - but thus far no proffered solution has worked. I'm frustrated and 
deprived of sleep...

My post on Ubuntu forums...

...so I'm stuck in a BusyBox shell unless I boot to my trusty knoppix CD and 
chroot onto /dev/hda1. I've been able to put some older 2.6.15 ubuntu kernels 
on there with apt-get whilst chrooted but I think udev is broken for them 

The sticky thread on Ubuntu forums...

A couple of online arguments in launchpad where denial and acusations fly...

Another thread with similar udev issues...

Some discussion pre-dating the problem(?)...

I want to stick a much earlier kernel on there that will play nice with the 
existing dapper setup.

Any suggestions?

Michael Erskine

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