[Nottingham] Debian vs Ubuntu

James Dobson dob_3001 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jul 20 13:20:14 BST 2006

I understand it ubuntu is a derivative of debian thus
it's entirely possible that they take the same deb
pacakges and just repackage them...

So far I haven't noticed any difference between the
two in terms of apache2, mysql etc (except maybe
version numbers).


--- Paul Mellors <paul at paulmellors.net> wrote:

> How similar from a server [no gui] point of view is
> Debian to Ubuntu?  Don't 
> they both use apt?  If i know Ubuntu server will
> making a transition to 
> Debian be easy.  Before you ask why?  I don't
> actually want to, i'm 
> reasearching the best distro to run on a server for
> my hosting. 
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