[Nottingham] Re: compiz crash/xgl problem

Chris Stapleton xsu25 at dial.pipex.com
Sat Jul 29 19:26:28 BST 2006

Hi Hazel,
I'm using Xgl on my laptop in gnome, and noticed a couple of things about the 
behaviour you're describing.

Firstly, the window borders disappear when Xgl is enabled but the graphics 
card is not using 3d acceleration. For instance, if I use xnest to open a new 
login in a window while using Gnome, the window borders on that desktop are 
removed, presumably because the GL layer is being used by the main 

Anyway, my advice to you is that you should remove the 'session' file from 
the .gnome or .gnome2 directory (which is a hidden directory in your home 
folder - hit ctrl-H to see hidden folders in the nautilus file manager) and 
try again. In cases where I managed to crash compiz/Gnome this sorted it 
immediately, with no ill effects - I did read somewhere that saving the 
session on log out can crash compiz the next time you log in, so I never 

Other than that, I also noticed that Xgl doesn't work in the root login in my 
machine, but I don't know if this is a bug or to protect the root logon from 
hardware errors.

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