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Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 1 08:54:42 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 01 March 2006 00:49, Karl Ryan wrote:
> I've just subscribed to the mailing list after a whimsical Google search to
> see if there was in fact such a thing as a Linux user group in Nottingham.
> Obviously there is!

Welcome Karl.

> So, a little bit about myself. I'm 21 years old and I'm in my third year of
> my law degree. I am at the moment using an Apple Macintosh, which is my
> main computer, but I do run Linux on my ThinkPad which is my travelling
> computer. I am also in the process of transitioning from Windows NT 5
> (a.k.a Windows 2000 Professional) on an old Dell to Linux. I also have an
> old Pentium 200 which needs a new CMOS battery which will also run Linux
> one day.

That's the way to go!

> Unfortunately I don't run Debian but instead build my own thanks to the
> nice people at http://www.linuxfromscratch.org which builds a system which
> is more suitable for old hardware like mine.

I don't want to start a "my hardware's older than yours" argument...
...actually I do because I usually win :)

> Well that's my little introductory piece. I look forward to seeing you all
> at the next social event!

We go for pizza tonight - hope to see you there.

Michael Erskine.

What one believes to be true either is true or becomes true.
		-- John Lilly

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