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Wed Mar 1 11:08:30 GMT 2006

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> On Wednesday 01 March 2006 00:49, Karl Ryan wrote:

[blah, blah, blah] 

> I don't want to start a "my hardware's older than yours" argument...
> ...actually I do because I usually win :)

I do like vintage hardware so if you have anything interesting then I'd like
to see! Of course, I did my GCSE's on a 1989 Amstrad PC1640HD30 running DOS
5 and WordStar. Can you beat that? I'm sure you can!

>> Well that's my little introductory piece. I look forward to seeing you all
>> at the next social event!
> We go for pizza tonight - hope to see you there.

How will I recognise anybody? Will you all be wearing Tux the penguin

Karl Ryan

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