[Nottingham] Small screen, big apps....

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Wed Mar 1 22:58:18 GMT 2006

Hello again, everyone!

I'm playing with a very small computer - a Toshiba Libretto - and having a 
reasonable degree of success running linux on it.

One problem I can't get round at the moment is this: quite a lot of X 
applications seem to be running on the assupmtion that my screen size is a 
lot bigger than it is.  I've only got 640x480 reolution.  

Taking gftp as an example, when it starts I can only see about half the gftp 
window.  The font size is enormous, and even if  could shrink the font the 
rest of it (input boxes etc) wouldn't fit on the screen.

The basic window manager (fluxbox), rxvt, and many other applications seem 
fine - it's just a few of them, presumably based on the same underlying 
library of config file somewhere, which are troublesome.  

The two examples I can find quickly are gftp and gvim - the leading 'g' may 
well be significant.....

David Aldred

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