[Nottingham] Small screen, big apps....

Karl Ryan karlryan.public at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Mar 2 00:38:40 GMT 2006

Hi David!

I just had a quick look at the gFTP site and it recommends running X Windows
in 800x600 mode so it would be my guess that it is a software issue which
may possibly be non-configurable. Perhaps other people have any other
thoughts on this?

Karl Ryan

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> Subject: [Nottingham] Small screen, big apps....
> Hello again, everyone!
> I'm playing with a very small computer - a Toshiba Libretto - and having a
> reasonable degree of success running linux on it.
> One problem I can't get round at the moment is this: quite a lot of X
> applications seem to be running on the assupmtion that my screen size is a
> lot bigger than it is.  I've only got 640x480 reolution.
> Taking gftp as an example, when it starts I can only see about half the gftp
> window.  The font size is enormous, and even if  could shrink the font the
> rest of it (input boxes etc) wouldn't fit on the screen.
> The basic window manager (fluxbox), rxvt, and many other applications seem
> fine - it's just a few of them, presumably based on the same underlying
> library of config file somewhere, which are troublesome.
> The two examples I can find quickly are gftp and gvim - the leading 'g' may
> well be significant.....
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> David Aldred
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