[Nottingham] A call for help from Mac OS X users

Karl Ryan karlryan.public at tiscali.co.uk
Thu Mar 2 15:26:39 GMT 2006

The DB-15 to VGA applies to old Mac such as Power Macintosh G3 and older.
Newer Macs will have either an ADC (Power Macintosh G4) or a DVI connection
(Power Macintosh G5, PowerBook G4 etc.) for which Apple sells the adapters
unless you're using an older PowerBook or iBook with a mini-VGA port of
which Apple also supplies the appropriate leads. If you're buying a new
machine then Apple supplies the appropriate adapters for using a PC-style
VGA lead in the box.

Karl Ryan

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> They exist but Apple no longer sell them as far as I know. You will probably
> require a DB-15 to VGA adapter which are easily picked up off ebay. Check to
> see if your system actually has a DB-15 connector first at
> http://www.info.apple.com/support/applespec.html before committing to buy
> anything.
> --
> Karl Ryan

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