[Nottingham] Non-destructive partitioning?

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Sun Mar 5 19:41:04 GMT 2006

Hello, all....

Been having a few problems this weekend - a Mandriva update on Friday night 
seems to have broken X om my machine (loads of error messages about missing 
modules and device definitions - reconfiguring Xorg didn't solve it - 
reinstalled from Mandriva DVD and that sorted it - until I ran the update 
again and it did exactly the same).  I'm reporting it to Mandriva.

I tried a different distro but had different problems - it failed to recognise 
my network connection, so I've backed out to Mandriva for the  momnet, 
running without the recent updates.   At present, I'd like to try to solve 
the issues with the othe distro rather than leave Mandriva unpatched long 

What I could do with is a dual boot between the two so that I can try things 
out on the other distro but come back to Mandriva to be able to use the 
network until I've got that issue sorted.  However, the HDD is partitioned 
into three partitions, mapped onto /, /home and swap, and whilst there's 
space on /home to split off another partition, I don't want to hav to copy 
all data off to another disk (if I can find one somewhere!) and then put it 
back afterwards.

Is there any Linux utility which will non-destructively split an ext3 

David Aldred

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