[Nottingham] Non-destructive partitioning?

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Mon Mar 6 18:17:44 GMT 2006

On Sunday 05 Mar 2006 19:57, Martin wrote:
> David Aldred wrote:
> [---]
> > running without the recent updates.   At present, I'd like to try to
> > solve the issues with the othe distro rather than leave Mandriva
> > unpatched long term.
> That should be no problem for the time it will take Mandriva to properly
> fix things.
> Thanks for letting us know. I happen not to have run the updates yet.
There's a suggestion on the Mandriva forums that it may be a maifestation of 
an inssue which earlier affected nVidia cards, and which doesn't seem to have 
been fixed (at least no in any way that makes a fix easy - there's a manual 
process for a fix, but further updates break it again!).   

> [---]
> > Is there any Linux utility which will non-destructively split an ext3
> > partition?
> The Mandriva installer can do that. Run the installation, select
> "custom" for your partitions and rearrange at your ease. Let it write
> the changes to the HDD table (likely on the "advanced button") and then
> just reboot (RESET button or CTL-ALT-DEL) rather than continue with the
> Mandriva install.

Right, may well try that.  Need to find space for the backup first, though!

David Aldred

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