[Nottingham] BT Broadband / Linux

Kenneth Huggins ken-huggins at FSBDial.co.uk
Mon Mar 20 21:09:08 GMT 2006

Cheers for that Chris ... all I have to do now is learn what the 'usual 
configure / make / make install' routine is ! Life's too short for that at 
the mo ... or rather there aren't quite enough hours in the day ... so it's 
had to go on the back burner for now and the girlfriend is limping along 
with her MSclogged PC

Am I right in assuming that the word 'recent' is missing in your statement 
'You need a fairly kernel release ...' or is my understanding of geek speak 
even less than I suspected (:o))

When I do get the time is there somewhere that I can easily find 
instructions on how to do stuff like configure, make, make install ? 
Apologies if this question has some of you shaking your heads and wondering 
if we Newbies know anything at all !!


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> Don't give up on the Voyager 105 just yet. I have mine working under
> SUSE 10.0 -  Thats where this reply is coming from! Took a bit of
> working out, mind you. You need a fairly kernel release and all the
> development tools.The first step is to go to
> http://eciadsl.flashtux.org/ and pull off Version 0.11 (the latest
> version) of their software. I am afraid its the usual
> configure/make/make install routine. There's a fair bit of documentation
> there. Watch out - the developers are all French with some automated
> translation Let me know how you get on!.

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