[Nottingham] Apache setup issues

pat gadget.pat at ntlworld.com
Mon Mar 27 04:09:07 BST 2006

Hi group,

Hope you are all well.  It's been a while since I've been able to post 
(limited play time on the pc)or get to any meets (due to working shifts) 
but I won't give up trying. Anyway to the issues at hand as I have two, 
but in seperate mails...

Issue 1

I have just installed Apache web server 2.2.0 onto a suse10 pc.  The 
install has gone well and I get the "it works!" message. This is where I 
am stuck. I have been following the instructions from LX Format issue77 
and it says that I should double click on the link I have created on my 
desktop and it should ask for a password. It dosn't. It says "Couldn't 
display dav://admin@localhost/uploads".

I have done searches and read what the error message means on the apache 
website but nothing I have done seems to have solved the problem.  I 
have the feeling that it is a simple thing I am missing or that there is 
an error in the mag (eg. the info on how to uncompress a file in the mag 
had me stumped for a while until I realised that they had given details 
on how to unzip bz not gz).  Could it be something similar (wrong info 
in mag) or am i missing something obvious?  I have changed, tested, 
enabled different bits in different locations and have forgotten some of 
what I have changed now.  I have the urge to uninstall the program and 
re-install so that it is back to the original state, but I haven't found 
an easy way to uninstall stuff as yet either.

Anyone have any ideas on how to proceed from here?

Sorry for the essay.


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