[Nottingham] Linux WiFi + Bluetooth PCI card

Cam camilo at mesias.co.uk
Tue Sep 12 15:28:18 BST 2006


> Alternatively, anyone recommend a current good Linux working USB
> Bluetooth dongle please (out of the very many!)?
> Also, how well does WiFi & Bluetooth cooexist?

I've never seen a USB bluetooth dongle that didn't work under Linux. Any 
cheap one that you like the look of should be fine.

WiFi and Bluetooth don't seem to interfere as far as I can tell. On 
Linux the Bluetooth stuff generally works well at the hardware level but 
falls apart at the software end (eg. you can transfer files but can't 
sync your diary). Wireless is the opposite, drivers can be flaky but the 
networking software is good.


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