[Nottingham] Linux solutions to spam

Graeme Fowler graeme at graemef.net
Fri Sep 15 15:48:56 BST 2006

On 15/09/2006 15:25, Paul Mellors wrote:
> But some still get through, viagra, and other pills :(

I get relatively little.

I'm using Exim4 + some RBL checks + some custom checks + ClamAV + 
SpamAssassin (using some of the SARE rulesets, an OCR plugin for image 
spam, and Bayes tests).

During the last four weeks, ratio of reject:accept as follows:

exim_main.log.4		10428 : 730
exim_main.log.3		9967 : 703
exim_main.log.2		11870 : 915
exim_main.log.1		14411 : 686
exim_main.log		9883 : 662

So... between 93 and 96% of all connections fired at my main MX result 
in rejections of some sort. And I don't get people shouting about false 
positives either, apart from once in a blue moon a Yahoo group my wife 
subscribes to shuts her out because their messages get rejected (most 
often because they contain multiply-forwarded messages). There is a 
method for complaints which slips the checks so that people being 
rejected know where to complain to :)

...and to followup to Chris Burton's email where he listed:

cbl.abuseat.org is included in sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org, which is the one I 
use (personal preference).

IMO bl.spamcop.net should never be used, but that's because I've been on 
"the receiving end" as a hosting administrator. The Spamcop listing 
policies are too easy to subvert (given that they're automatic), 
although getting off bl.spamcop.net is as easy as getting on it. I have 
no comments about list.dsbl.org as I've never used it.


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