[Nottingham] Linux solutions to spam

Chris Burton Chris at 7of9b.org
Fri Sep 15 16:19:04 BST 2006

For those interested here's a quick count of RBL rejections from one of my 
MX's so far this week (obviously some of these will be retries from the same 

combined.rbl.msrbl.net - 3482
bl.spamcop.net - 14833
list.dsbl.org - 1291
sbl.spamhaus.org - 13
cbl.abuseat.org - 1502

> cbl.abuseat.org is included in sbl-xbl.spamhaus.org, which is the one I 
> use (personal preference).

I should try that to help reduce the number of DNS lookups.

> IMO bl.spamcop.net should never be used, but that's because I've been on 
> "the receiving end" as a hosting administrator. The Spamcop listing 
> policies are too easy to subvert (given that they're automatic), although 
> getting off bl.spamcop.net is as easy as getting on it. I have no comments 
> about list.dsbl.org as I've never used it.

As you can see from the numbers above spamcop works very well for me.

Does anyone use SURBL (or any of the other URL based black lists) at SMTP 
time with any success? Its something I'm considering as I've only had 1 
false positive using it within spamassassin and thats quite some time ago 


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