[Nottingham] Talk - Thursday 19th April

Jason Cozens jason.cozens at computer.org
Wed Apr 11 19:09:14 BST 2007

On Tue, 2007-04-10 at 23:48 +0100, Joshual Lock wrote:
> On 10 Apr 2007, at 21:14, Martin wrote:
> >> I can bring a box for running the Hurd but is there something I  
> >> can show
> >> an OpenOffice.org presentation on?
> >
> > Laptop or desktop 'box'? As mentioned, a plea could go out for a  
> > laptop.
> I'd be OK with my iBook being used as a presentation platform hooked  
> up to Micks projector. It does OOo presentations or spiffy PDF  
> slideshows among other formats.
Anything that I can show an OOo presentation on. I can bring it on a USB
stick or CD.

Does the projector have 2 inputs? If so I can bring my desktop box and
have the Hurd running on that and flip to the presentation.

I've been looking through the material and there's quite a bit just on
the Hurd itself, so I could put some context around why I'm looking at
the Hurd and discuss the Hurd as it is today and move on to the other
stuff later.


PS: My answering of emails is a bit infrequent as I can't access
personal emails at work and I tend to work only until about 9pm at home.

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