[Nottingham] Scanners

Peter Woods peterwoods at f2s.com
Wed Aug 1 19:52:46 BST 2007

Roger Light wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm after replacing a scanner at work which is on its last legs.
I just  (recently) bought an Epson.
Dabs was about £40 cheaper than PC World, (but that's not difficult.)
"Perfection (Ho-hum) 4490 PHOTO"
I got that model for the slide/negative scanning built in.
You may not need that, but Epson is the Nvidea of the scanner world
The epson software "iSCAN" seems better/easier (I'm sorry to say) then 
FREE s/w.
Having said all that, actually using the thing (for negatives/small 
prints) takes ages.
If the s/w were free, there would be LOTS of improvements (some)one 
could make.


Pete Woods

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