[Nottingham] Which programming language (RE: O'Reilly Books)

Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 2 08:54:31 BST 2007

On Wednesday 01 August 2007 23:48:44 Rennacker Ed wrote:
> I was reading about the O'Reilly UK perks and  the book "Beautiful Code"
> caught my eye. Then I noticed the book "Mastering Perl" and it got me to
> thinking. Which programming languages do the members here use and why?

Well, I program in Perl by choice - I like my SciTE text editor with it's 
beautiful Perl syntax highlighting. Here at work I program C/C++ for native 
and embedded stuff but use Java for modern large-scale systems. I'm loving 
Eclipse for refactoring Java and I think on the whole Java is rather elegant. 
I also end up writing and debugging a lot of SQL for projects where stored 
procedures are used extensively - it's Microsoft Transact SQL and it is UGLY!

Michael Erskine.

One Bell System - it works.

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