[Nottingham] Re: Which Programming Language

Benjamin McLaughlin benjaminbunnyrabbit at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 2 17:46:19 BST 2007

I MUCH prefer coding in VB6 like we did at college but it was .net which we 
were taught at university. So if  its just apps for personal use then its 
VB6 every time. Thats not to say that I don't know how to use .net properly. 
The problem I see now though with 2005 and orca is that a lot of stuff is 
being declared at the beginning which you never used to see at all and small 
things which used to sake a line of code have been broken down into 
different sections and now take about 4 lines to do. (form1.hide is the best 
example) On this note it is probably easier for me to just ditch .net and 
2005 and just try and learn to use java properly. We did it at uni but that 
was only for teaching and never touched a "real world" IDE. It was all blueJ 
and notepad.

Back to what..... thingy asked about a good language to start learning to 
program with I would go for either Java or VB.net the main theory of this 
being that .net is easy to pickup and make a few cool mini apps to get you 
going. Whereas java is cross platform and can be easily web integrated. On 
top of that, there must be some logical reason why my university teach it as 
the main language over anything else.

Have fun,

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