[Nottingham] Network question - google unreachable?!

Rennacker Ed rennackered at netscape.net
Mon Aug 6 00:33:13 BST 2007

martin at ml1.co.uk wrote:
> vanschoo at speakeasy.net wrote:
>> Folks,
>> Just a quick update re this problem. The apartment complex's IT
>> people have replaced their router, and now the urls resolve
>> correctly. Not the most satisfying resolution, as I still don't know
>> what the real problem & fix was.
>> I no longer have to put ip addresses into the browser to get to
>> google. The problem was apparently connected with the router or maybe...
> It may just have been that their "router" was trying to cache or even
> firewall DNS requests. Another possiblility is that it may well just
> have been suffering from too many simultaneous connections and that the
> problem wasn't DNS at all.
> Few seem to realise that cheapie modem routers are intended for single
> user use and often only have table space for up to just 32 or so
> connections. A good way to blow that is with a single bittorrent fileshare!
> Cheers,
> Martin
Or, it really did die. I was in SF in April and could not connect to the 
hotel's wireless so I took my laptop to the lobby to show them and when 
I got there I was connected. Seems there was a router for each floor and 
the hardware on my floor was dead. The next day it was replaced.

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