[Nottingham] Broadband Providers - Recommendations?

Chris Burton Chris at 7of9b.org
Fri Aug 10 11:01:26 BST 2007

> I strongly recommend UKFSN. They are resellers of enta.net services, and
> donate money to free software projects. They are very linux friendly of
> course :).

Lets hope Enta can keep getting the centrals live before they get too full 

I've been using NTL/Virgin Media + ADSL from Eclipse for the past few months 
and I'm happy with both (although my ADSL does suck sometimes but its not 
Eclipse at fault for me being able to listen to Radio 4 via the phone line 
;) ). The main thing to watch these days IMO is what caps they have vs your 
usage, also worth checking out what other people think about them on the 
comparison sites. Personally I wouldnt ever touch anything related to Pipex 
due to spending many hours on the phone trying to get a MAC for clients.


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