[Nottingham] Re: Broadband Providers - Recommendations?

Benjamin McLaughlin benjaminbunnyrabbit at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 11 09:30:43 BST 2007

In the cafe I was paying £40 a month with BE broardband.
I got 24mb (16-18 in reality) uncapped. 2.5mb upload and a free static IP.
They supply a nice wireless router with a lot of features built into it.

Apart from the price (because your just a home user) you cant go wrong.

BE unlimited is a cheaper package from them @ £24 a month but only a 1.3mb 
upload and no static IP also a 12 month contract. Still uncapped upto 24mb 

Customer support from these guys is great, its done via an online ticket 
service that gets replied to within 24 hours and even then they send you a 
text to notify you of a reply.

When the debt subsides a bit and I can move out then these are definately 
the people I will be going with. Pay more, get more.


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