[Nottingham] Firewall and port issue

James Gibbon jg at jamesgibbon.com
Mon Aug 20 17:00:30 BST 2007

On Mon, 20 Aug 2007 16:06:52 +0100
"gadget.pat" <gadget.pat at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> My setup has a router with a built in firewall. I have two PCs
> running as servers. The windows(1) one allows access from outside of
> my network but my apache(2) server does not. I am able to access them
> both from within the network with no problems.
> I'm pretty certain it is a port issue but don't know how to find out
> for sure. I have turned off the firewall in the OS running apache(2)
> and it is effectively "open". I have forwarded the ports to reflect
> where the two PCs are in my network, on the router.
> My question(s), (a) What other ports would apache use in general to 
> allow web access? (b) Is it a function I have not turned on in
> apache? (c) Am I just missing something really obvious?
> More info
> PC1 running XP (windows based server)
> PC2 running OpenSuse (apache 2.x based server)
> Router with brouser based setup
> Port 80 used by router but no problem for windows server

In general, you need to configure the router so that port 80 is
forwarded to the IP address of the SuSE machine (some router
manufacturers call this a "virtual server". I do this myself at
home, and it works nicely (with a Belkin router).

You don't say what you're serving from the Windows machine, and 
the last line of your "more info" section seems ambiguous. If
you're serving web pages from the Windows machine, then you
can't also serve them on the same port from a different machine
attached to the same router, and accessible from the outside 
world on the same IP address.


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