[Nottingham] Firewall and port issue

gadget.pat gadget.pat at ntlworld.com
Tue Aug 21 12:41:59 BST 2007

James Gibbon wrote:

> You don't say what you're serving from the Windows machine, and 
> the last line of your "more info" section seems ambiguous. If
> you're serving web pages from the Windows machine, then you
> can't also serve them on the same port from a different machine
> attached to the same router, and accessible from the outside 
> world on the same IP address.

Hi james,

Thanks for the quick reply...

Appologies for the query not being as clear as it could've been. I was 
rushing to get to work and only had a short time to get something posted.

OK, let me try to explain again. I have security cams on my house due to 
a break in and numerous attempts since. I have a proprietry dvr MS setup 
which is rubbish but works inside/ outside the LAN. I have an Opensuse 
PC running Zoneminder. This works fine ONLY from within the LAN. I have 
read the forums, googled and guessed to the point where everything I 
have tried is now a blur and that I am now coming across the same info. 
I am needing "new" eyes that may spot that I have missed something 
obvious or that I am doing something wrong.

I appreciate that that I will need to learn how to use the apache SW and 
learn more about linux and I don't expect to be taught how to use them 
on the list. I just need to get this problem resolved so that I can have 
a little peace of mind whenever I am away from home. This issue is the 
only part stopping me from using the SW in total and I am just 
frustrated that I can't solve the issue myself after so much time and 
effort. But even I have to admit defeat on this one, so if anyone has a 
clue to solving my present issue, I would appreciate the help. Anyway 
self indulgent rant over :-)

Setup info (example settings only for obviuos reasons)

Router - Built in firewall and set to DHCP. The IP addresses of the two 
dvr PCs are "static" so not affected if LAN is restarted.

MS box - 192.168 0.10 ports 1234 and 2234. These are settings are made 
in the router required by the SW and it works fine from inside and 
outside my LAN.

Suse box - At present only the IP address is setup as I 
don't know what ports to open for apache to serve it's data. This setup 
works ONLY from within my LAN. This is where I feel the issue is. Is 
there default ports that apache uses? The data would be jpg frames but 
I'm pretty certain it is not a ZM issue but rather a port issue not 
allowing me to reach the server.

Hopefully this has made it a bit clearer about my issue. Is there a way 
  to find out what ports the data is coming from (inside the LAN) 
specific to the ZM SW? I could then try these ports in the router 
settings or is this a stupid idea? Any (positive) ideas/ suggestions 
welcome at this point.

Again, appologies for the length of the mail.


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