[Nottingham] Firewall and port issue

gadget.pat gadget.pat at ntlworld.com
Thu Aug 23 13:27:25 BST 2007

Michael Erskine wrote:

> Yes, I'd move that up the todo list to nearer the top! Otherwise expect a 
> brute-force attack as soon as someone discovers it! I'd make the router HTTP 
> interface only accessible from within the LAN and use port-knocking or a 
> crazy high port number in the 40000's (security by obscurity!) for SSH into 
> the LAN from which you'll still be able to access it from the outside (if you 
> get what I mean). That's what I do and it seems at least OK!
> Regards,
> Michael Erskine.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the advice. I was using a method of leaving things as 
standard until I got them working but now that it is, I can get back to 
being paranoid again :-) It had got to the point that the world and his 
dog could have had access to my LAN but I needed to remove all the 
possible issues that might have been the problem.

Security now back in place.


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