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Andy Smith andy at lug.org.uk
Mon Dec 10 11:22:51 GMT 2007

Hi Martin,

On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 10:55:59AM +0000, Martin wrote:
> Andy Smith wrote:
> > C/R is fundamentally broken; there is no way to do it right, but
> > congratulations on doing it very very badly.
> And the present mail system isn't equally fundamentally broken and wide
> open to shocking and nasty abuse?

Well I wouldn't say that, just that it was designed in a different

Tere is however no way to implement C/R without causing more damage
than you prevent.  The core idea of it is to shift work to other
people, many of which will be innocents.  It's inherently abusive.

> Would curing the world of the Windoze boxen zombie scourge cure the problem?

I think it'd help for sure.

> > Shockingly selfish, short-sighted and clueless.
> Please keep your exasperation corralled in the school yard...

As a statement of fact maybe it belonged more in the classroom:

selfish - expects other people to manage his antispam

short-sighted - doesn't scale, doesn't cope with other C/R

clueless - it just challenged a mail from a mailing list back to the
list itself!

> Spam Tidal Wave Hits UK
> http://www.pcworld.com/printable/article/id,140420/printable.html
> "a scourge that now consumes 98 percent of all Internet email traffic"
> Do you (or anyone) have a 100% solution?

No one does, it's no excuse for further abuse.

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