[Nottingham] Tux Games Antispam - Your message is being held

Camilo Mesias camilo at mesias.co.uk
Mon Dec 10 12:33:32 GMT 2007


> What should the ordinary computer-user be doing?
> Windows users - keep patched, update anti-malware software regularly.
> Linux users - keep patched.
> Anything else?

Google's effectiveness at filtering spam messages is legendary (though
not perfect). For casual users of email I'd struggle to find a reason
to /not/ recommend gmail.

Patching is a good thing to do.

Maybe we should also lobby for more harsh punishments for the
creation/use of botnets? It would parallel the way the USA takes a
hard line on 'mail fraud'.

At the moment I think the punishments for running a botnet don't
reflect the amount of trouble they could potentially cause.


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