[Nottingham] Network settings and different wifi locations

David Aldred david at familyaldred.org.uk
Sat Dec 22 19:57:01 GMT 2007

I'm just wondering if there's any better way to do this before I start 

When I'm at home, I use my home wifi with my laptop; for various reasons I use 
static IP addresses within the network, and have specific static addresses 
assigned as gateway, web proxy and DNS server. 

If I'm somewhere where a wireless connection is available, I'm obviously going 
to need a different wireless setup (WEP keys etc), and kwifimanage will 
handle that nicely.   However, I also need to use DHCP and obtain gateway/DNS 
information from the local wireless network - so I need to 'clean out' the 
static information.

I have a feeling that *somewhere* in Linux and/or KDE I've seen something 
which seemed to do this - set up different IP and Wifi configurations as 
simply as selecting a pre-set configuration and OK'ing it.   In fact, I 
thought it was a built-in part of kwifimanager, but it's not - I can set up 
encryption etc from there, but not (at least directly: it's possible to get a 
script run on selecting a kwifimanager profile) the IP address configuration.

It's not the most onerous of tasks to write a script which will take an 
argument and set up both wireless and IP configurations according to which 
argument is passed to it (and asking for the WEP key where, as in many pubs, 
a WEP key is required to connect) - but does anyone know whether someone's 
already done it (probably better and prettier than I would!)?

(Using a console and running a single script as root seems to me marginally  
easier than using kwifimanager to call the same script !).

David Aldred

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