[Nottingham] Zoneminder frustrations

gadget.pat gadget.pat at ntlworld.com
Sun Feb 4 19:05:04 GMT 2007

On 1/29/07, gadget.pat <gadget.pat at ntlworld.com> wrote:

Hi everyone. It has been a while since I last posted, so I thought I
would remedy that...

I have two issues but a more than a few questions. Pressing issue at the

1 - Does anybody else use Zoneminder (gpl cctv sw) or have experience
using it?

2 - Is it just me that can't get on the site at the moment


Sorry about the delay in my replies :-( combination of earlies, 
overtime, tiredness and limited use of my lappy till now....

Peter Chang wrote:
> Pat,
> You could try the wayback machine at www.archive.org - it holds copies 
> of many web sites.
> Peter

Thanks Peter. This site is now bookmarked for future reference. I never 
thought to search for this type of site before.


 > No idea who or what Zoneminder is, but the server the site is hosted
 > on appears to be down, but a tracerout and ping on the DNS servers
 > come back positive.
 > A whois lookup on the domain says it's registered to a company called
 > triornis.net (that website is down also).

 > Looks like its hosted by Netrino.... and they moved a load of servers 
 > around the 26th and a few haven't come back yet so they might be one 
  > of the unlucky ones. If you wait if out it might come back up once 
   > Netrino have the other servers back online.


Yep, it looks like they were having trouble but it looks like they have 
sorted it out now.

Thanks for your help guys. I can now put full effort into this project 
again, as and when my time allows. I want the ability to have video 
evidence of the scum targeting my place to give to the authorities etc.


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