[Nottingham] Social Tomorrow Weds 07/02/2007 - Red Hot Buffet Shack

Joshua Lock incandescant at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 15:44:52 GMT 2007

On 6 Feb 2007, at 15:34, Martin wrote:
>> Huzzah! The first pub in Notts that I visited, great place.
> Mmmm... Can't remember myself... Likely the Rose And Crown on Derby Rd
> 'cos that was the favourite for the Lab when I first visited.
> So how did you get past all the other pubs to go down the Pit first?!

I came to Notts before I started Uni with a guy I used to work with,  
to scope out the city. The Pit was his favourite pub in the city. He  
actually want(ed|s) a dining room decorated the same way!?!

>>> Followed by at approximately *20:00*
>> Followed by more beer somewhere? I don't think I'll be able to  
>> make the
>> food but was hoping to join you all for a few beers afterwards?
> I would suspect that we could well be in the Buffet for "some time".
> You're welcome to text me to see where we are and when.

Very good, that's what I'll do. Cheers Martin.

- J

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