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Greetings, my preference is wireless, how very fortunate that it is the 
wi-fi adapters you have to hand.

You are a life saver.


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Greetings people, i was hoping someone could point me in the right direction
for obtaining a 16 Bit Wired or Wireless network pc card ?

I have obtained an old laptop, Tosh 210CT and need to patch into a network.

If anyone has a 16 Bit card for sale or knows when to get one, please let it
be known.

Thanks in advance and all the best,



OK, first (and only) question: do you have a specific requirement re: wired 
wireless? I can help out in both areas, having a solid stock of Intel 
(Orinoco) Type II PCMCIA which I can let go for £10 each*, one (count 'em, 
Netgear MA401 (I believe the chip in that is a Prism 2.5), also £10, and
(somewhere about) a collection of Type II PCMCIA 10BaseT ethernet adapters
(of the flying dongle persuasion) at £7 each - if I can find one (if it
becomes necessary to hunt one down). The wireless are available immediately,
I'm looking at the boxful of them right now :)

*I know these cards work very well under Linux, which is why I have so many 
them - they really are the easiest chipset to get running under Linux -
Knoppix, Kororaa and SuSE just rack 'em in and you're off and racing by the
time you hit the UI.


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