[Nottingham] Re: Social Tomorrow Weds 07/02/2007 - Red Hot Buffet Shack

Andrew Beale m1eai at mac.com
Wed Feb 7 13:41:43 GMT 2007

>I came to a couple of meetings a year or so ago, and would really like to 
>get back into things.
>So I'm hoping to come tonight, but if I can, how do I recognise people ?
>(e.g. the only people not wearing black ?)
>Keywords for my description are tall, glasses, moustache & balding (not in 
>that order).

Well look around for a fat graying dark haired man with a Fluorescent yellow coat, with a linux tux on the table and you will not go far wrong.



"I reject your reality and substitute my own!" - Adam Savage 

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