[Nottingham] Ethernet Hubs, Power Supplies & Pentium Processor/boards

Jim Moore james at the-computer-shop.co.uk
Sun Feb 11 04:34:46 GMT 2007

OK, anyone who wants: I'm having a shop clearout, I've got some 12, 16 and 
24-port 10baseT hubs of the stackable rackmount persuasion, to /give away/*. 
I'll bring them to the LANParty but if you want to beat the crowd, pop into 
the Computer Shop on Hartley Road (next door to Draper's) and make yourself 
known. Also on the plate for THIS WEEK ONLY: AT/ATX power supplies*, up to 
220W peak output. Useful for AMD64 Socket 754, Intel CoreDuo, and hard drive 
stacks (for you storage freaks). All tested working.

*It's off the books, but if recipients want to give me a couple quid for a 
unit I'll not say no ;) These things will otherwise find their way into a 
compactor. Seems like a waste if they go that way but I simply don't have the 
space to keep 'em anymore - plus the fact that they're so old they're 
practically not fit for sale.

ALSO: From my home collection, I have some Pentium I boards (with processors, 
most with RAM as well!), most in cases, they've been in storage a while hence 
going out as UNTESTED, also it's a case of shift 'em or dump 'em. If you want 
a couple, give me a shout and we'll arrange collection.

cheers for now,
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