[Nottingham] re: Ethernet Hubs,     Power Supplies & Pentium Processor/boards       (Jim Moore)

Jim Moore james at the-computer-shop.co.uk
Tue Feb 13 11:27:11 GMT 2007


I'm down to THREE 16-bit wireless cards. I have NO 16-bit ethernet left right 
now, trying to source some more (I'll keep you posted on these). I have a 
1/2-width 1u 16-port hub that's possibly spoken for, and FOUR fullwidth 
ALSO: one (1) Intel Express 140T standalone 16-port 100MbPS hub with spare MDI 
port, asking £40 for that (no offers, this is a third-party sale).

The Pentium gear was collected wholesale last night, all I have left of that 
lot now is a few Packard Bell desktop cases, these will most likely go for 
scrap; I don't think the boards in them even work.

I just figured out how to reduce email spam by half.

Instead of having "Make your penis larger" and "Lose 40 pounds", we can just 
have "Redistribute your weight".

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