[Nottingham] Cross platform IDE's

Peter Chang Peter.Chang at nottingham.ac.uk
Mon Feb 19 16:29:55 GMT 2007

On Mon, 19 Feb 2007, stellafan at jjsh.org wrote:

[stuff about db backends, then net beans, php and even gtk!]

I think you're very confused. IDE, in this context, means Integrated 
Development Environment. Conceptually, it's independent of any particular 
language, framework and graphical toolkit - though many proprietary IDEs 
are tied to a particular language/framework/toolkit. An IDE typically 
comprises an editor, a code browser, a project organiser, a gui/form 
designer and a debugger.

If you're interested in a fancy cross platform IDE, then Eclipse comes to 
mind. It's Java based with plugins for lots of different languages.

I think you need to do more research on what you want to achieve before 
exploring your options...


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