[Nottingham] Cross platform IDE's

Michael Erskine msemtd at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 19 16:41:30 GMT 2007

On Monday 19 February 2007 16:09, stellafan at jjsh.org wrote:
> Obviously, this will be an important step for our company and we'll need
> to do some serious research before coming to a final decision, but at this
> stage I'm asking for any suggestions for suitable IDE's we should
> investigate. We're already going to look at Net Beans, PHP-GTK, possibly
> GTK itself. We don't need the *complete* portability of java, just the
> ability to make GUI apps that can be easily complied for different systems
> as needed.


Many developers find that GUI apps are better built without the restrictions 
of an IDE and prefer to code a gui in their favourite editor.

I like GUI builder features of an IDE for prototyping: e.g. NetBeans 5+ 
Matisse is excellent, Visual Perl/Tk widget edition also, and I'm warming to 
Glade2 for languages with Glade interpreters, but as soon as we have run-time 
construction of GUI elements with smart layout-managers an IDE can fail to 
scale well.

Eclipse is my favourite IDE for Java development but I don't use any GUI 
building plugins: I find it quicker to hand-code GUIs. Eclipse works well as 
an IDE for C and Perl development also.

> Presently, we develop in Access / VBA, but as our main application has
> become more sophisticated, we were going to need to move over to an IDE
> proper, such as .net, but this seems like a daft idea, as it would limit
> our choices desktop wise ~ however, it gives you an idea of what level of
> sophistication we need.

Choose your language: mono (C#) may well suit your developers best and there 
may be a familiar GUI building IDE available (maybe monodevelop?).

Michael Erskine.

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