[Nottingham] Athlon64 gcc compile flags on Gentoo

Alex Tibbles alex_tibbles at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 21 08:43:18 GMT 2007

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On Wed, Feb 14, 2007 at 10:23:24AM +0000, Duncan John Fyfe wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-02-14 at 10:03 +0000, Michael Erskine wrote:
> > On Wednesday 14 February 2007 09:04, Martin Garton wrote:
> > > It's worth spending a little time on maybe, but it rarely makes huge
> > > differences.  In my experience, if your app is running too slowly,
> > > profile it.  Understanding the bottlenecks and improving the algorithms
> > > can make orders of magnitude difference.
> > 
> > Profiling is a good idea for a future talk - we should have a few development 
> > talks to bring in the geeks from time to time
> > 
> A related talk would be 'omens of the future found in the entrails of a
> dying program' ie. debugging and debugging tools (eg. gdb).

Both excellent ideas. I'd also like to through my personal favourite
into the mix - memory debugging, cache profiling, heap profiling and
thread debugging all in valgrind.




I'd be very interested in that (as an attempted valgrind user). The debugging one sounds interesting too. A follow up to the databases one (advanced features in FOSS dbs?). I'd potentially be able to give a very limited scope intro do app development using postrgresql in C++ (though my info is probably out of date).


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