[Nottingham] Big Wok - possible eating place for a LUG social?

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As I mentioned to Martin at the LAN event, there is a new
all-you-can-eat type placey that's opened on Upper Parliament street.

I'll be beta testing this place at the end of the month and reporting
back on how it fairs. However on walking past I notice it's a lot
brighter and nicer looking than Number1.

They do the usual chinese, malaysian, singaporian grub but they also
do a bit of Indian stuff, and Japanese. And they even do sushi.

Prices are £8.99 for the grand buffet which includes everything. Apart
from drinks, obviously.

As the Nottingham place is quite new, they haven't yet updated the
website. However, I guess the Birmingham menu is simular.




I can report that it's good at lunch time (when only 4.99UKP). FYI sashimi is 1UKP extra.


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