[Nottingham] Events 2007!?

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Wed Feb 21 12:12:18 GMT 2007

Looks like I can put in a few additions:

Martin wrote:
> Folks,
> Next event is the LaTeX evening this Thursday.
> After that... What might you want?
> Discussed (talks) and ideas in the recent past have been variously: 
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> gstreamer; Eager scheduling and HURD; Linux from scratch onto a 
> minimal development board; Drupal; gpg, key signing and W-O-T? Gentoo
>  for the first time; Databases #2; What distro?!
> Any interest in demo-ing how to get the best out of whatever everyday
>  applications?
> Desktop tweaks? Shortcuts to an easy Linux life? What else??
> Anyone with any crazy implementations?!

Profiling is a good idea for a future talk

A related talk would be 'omens of the future found in the entrails
of a dying program' ie. debugging and debugging tools (eg. gdb).

Both excellent ideas. I'd also like to through my personal
favourite into the mix - memory debugging, cache profiling, heap
profiling and thread debugging all in valgrind.

advanced features in FOSS dbs?
app development using postrgresql in C++

The next question is ofcourse when and whom? Volunteers?

Open talk dates are:

20/12/07 (?)

> And, what food (social) venues should we try? 
> ---------------------------------------------
> For the next social on Wed 07/03/07 I suggest we follow flibble's 
> suggestion to try the new buffet place:
> "a new all-you-can-eat type placey that's opened on Upper Parliament 
> street: http://www.bigwok.co.uk/ ...Prices are £8.99 for the grand 
> buffet which includes everything. Apart from drinks, obviously."
> Any favourites for thereafter?

Two positive comments so The Wok it is!

Suggestions welcomed!


Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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