gstreamer talk (was:[Nottingham] Events 2007!?)

Martin Garton martin at
Wed Feb 21 12:29:01 GMT 2007

On Wed, 2007-02-21 at 12:11 +0000, Martin wrote:

> advanced features in FOSS dbs?
> app development using postrgresql in C++
> The next question is ofcourse when and whom? Volunteers?
> :-)

I would like to get input on what people want to hear about in my
gstreamer talk.

I'll be covering the basic architecture and showing people how to do
simple things with it, as well as possibly demoing a few apps that use

Beyond that I plan to hack together one or two very simple applications
to do some simple media related things just to show how easy it is to

Maybe it would be useful it folks could give examples of media related
activities they find it difficult to do under linux in the way that they
want?  I could use that as a basis for the simple applications.

I don't see myself having any time to dedicate to this talk for the next
month, but pencil me in for when you like after that.

Comments or suggestions anyone?


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