[Nottingham] [Junk] Something a spam script-kiddie got wrong...

Martin martin at ml1.co.uk
Thu Feb 22 08:34:06 GMT 2007


A little giggle that has just come in on the mailman bounces:

<"Hello"|"Hi"|"Hi there"|"Good day">

I <"hope"|"sincerely hope"|"wish"> this message finds you in a great
<"spirit"|"mood">. <"For a start"|"First"|"First of all"> <"I
would"|"I'd"> like to <"congratulate"|"welcome"> you on this
<"offer"|"opportunity"> because our
<"association"|"company"|"corporation"> just got your contact and your
<"brief"|"short"> profile through an <"email"|"web"> listing affiliated
with <"the UK Chamber of Commerce"|"Monster"|"Careerbuilder"|"Yahoo
Jobs"|"Google Jobs"|"HotJobs">
<"I would"|"I'd"> be <"very"|"extremely"|"highly"> interested in
<"offering"|"giving"> you a <"work at
home"|"great"|"flex-time"|"part-time"> <"job"|"career"> in which you
<"could"|"can"|"would"> <"earn"|"get"> an extra income <"of
about"|"nearly"|"up to"|"starting from"> J<"2000"|"3000"|"4000"> <"per

This work <"does not"|"doesn't"|"will not"|"won't"> affect your
<"present"|"current"> <"job"|"career"> and this is a <"very "|"">limited
offer in which I <"will"|"would"|"would really"> require your immediate
response. I <"will be hoping"|"really hope"> to hear from you soon,
since <"its"|"it's"|"it is"|"this is"> a job that <"can"|"will"> enable
you to <"work from home"|"work part-time"|"enjoy an easy work"|"work at
home">. You will also <"stand the chances"|"have a chance"|"be given the
opportunity"> of being a part of our future and
<"excellent"|"winning"|"our"> team in which <"you will"|"you'll"> be
highly <"appreciated"|"respected">.
Please fill out our <"application"|"appointment"> form, <"no fees
asked"|"no money upfront">, just your <"name and a phone number"|"basic
contact details">:

<"Your application"|"Your enquiry"> will be <"processed"|"answered">
<"as soon as possible"|"ASAP">.

<"Thank you"|"Thanks"|"Have a nice day"|"Best wishes"|"Take care"|"Bye">.

Add a random selection generator and watch those random CVs flood in!

Yet more spam *insert-your-expletive-here*.

I wonder just how expensive all this parasites' spam is in forced wasted
effort for everyone else...

Good mornin',

Martin Lomas
martin at ml1.co.uk

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