[Nottingham] HELP! BIOS chip programmer

Richard Morris richard at tannery.co.uk
Wed Feb 28 08:16:51 GMT 2007

Martin wrote:
> Anyone able to easily reflash a BIOS flash chip?
> I've got one scrambled BIOS and an identical motherboard with a good
> BIOS version in there. Anyone with the programmer to copy the good
> version across?

Have a look at the motherboard manual, most motherboards support boot 
block recovery (or at least they used to),  where you can flash a 'dead' 
motherboard by putting a copy of the BIOS on a floppy disk. There is 
usually a bit of firmware on the motherboard that just handles the BIOS 
and floppy drive that enables you to reflash the BIOS with a good ROM 
image, however there is usually no video whilst doing this, just beep 
codes. AMI based BIOS' are reasonably straight forward, and can usually 
be flashed using a ROM file renamed amiboot.rom, Award BIOS' require a 
dos based boot disk, with an autoexec.bat file and the flash utility on too.

Good Luck!!


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