[Nottingham] cooking with rsync

Dale Einarson Dale.Einarson at nottingham.ac.uk
Wed Jul 25 14:42:48 BST 2007

Hello all,
    Sorry, I missed the boat on this one and the last meeting concerning 

     You may recall from a previous email that I was ignorant of the 
rsync use for sequential backups...  well I am still half ignorant on 
the restore part of the rsync backups.

     I assume that I am mistaken but I have the feeling that this is 
only useful for single file recovery and not large data sets. It also 
seems that compressing on the archive must be applied separately.

The question:
     If I was to use the following to archive,  what would the command 
look like to restore  date=.$arch_date   ?

        rsync -ab    --backup-dir=$back_dir  --suffix=.$date $src_dir  

I thought this would have done it but
	1:  if  --backup-dir is not absolute it adds  the backup dir to the 
restore as well
	2:  otherwise I always get the most recent version of a file...

        rsync -ab   --backup-dir=$back_dir  --suffix=.$arch_date   
$arch_dir    $restore_dir

I have googled and RTFM but not found anything that helped...

BTW:  I already use Amanda so I am merely looking for another recipe. :)

Thanks in advance

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