[Nottingham] Mozilla Firefox URL syntax

Iain Lane iain at orangesquash.org.uk
Fri Jul 27 22:24:14 BST 2007

Martin wrote:
> Peter Woods wrote:
>> Martin wrote:
>>> Folks,
>>> Anyone know what the syntax is for Mozilla Firefox to display multiple
>>> tabs from a single bookmark?
>>> That is, you use a keyword (single bookmark) to then have Firefox open
>>> and display multiple tabs...
>>> How?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Martin
>> Put all the pages in a folder.
>> FF will ask if you wish to open all the bookmarks.
>> Go to BOOKMARKS and click on the folder.
>> At the bottom is Open all in tabs.
> There is that. However there is no option with that for setting a
> "keyword" so that you can select the folder of bookmarks in one go by
> just typing the keyword into the address bar. (Or, in my case, just two
> or three cryptic letters!)
> There is a syntax used whereby you can store multiple "http:" URLs all
> as one address. It's used when you first install Firefox for the
> homepage for example.
> Short of me reinstalling... Any clue as to the URL separator used?
> Thanks,
> Martin

It's | for the homepage, doesn't appear to work for bookmarks though.


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