[Nottingham] Ubuntu-evolution E-mails

Ray Lindley ray at stoneways.me.uk
Fri Jun 22 18:37:13 BST 2007

Hi you Geeks,
Tenderfoot has a problem.
Can get noted no. of e-mails in Inbox & unread but cannot get them
to download on screen.
[I can still send E-mails.]
The box--'personnel[POP] waiting'
but nothing happens.
Initially had shown--[Error while storing folder'INBOX'        ]
                     [summary & folder mismatch even after Sync]
Will this be cause of problem?
Do I delete Evolution & re-down load [& lose my E-mails] or can you
solve the problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Will have to receive via M/S--unfortunately.


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