[Nottingham] Email traceroute?

Edgar Jasper ebcj204 at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 28 22:18:44 BST 2007

--- Martin <martin at ml1.co.uk> wrote:
> UK2 have recently-ish changed their policy on
> "catch-all" email
> addresses. Unless you've paid them extra to continue
> the catch-all
> feature, or you have specifically set up all your
> mail aliases to
> individually be forwarded, then you get your mail
> silently dropped.

It shouldn't be to do with the catch-all thing. I did
eventually work out what their near incomprehensible
email about the catch-all thing meant and acted
accordingly. My mails are specifically forwarded. 

I have looked at the mail headers of the small number
of mails that have made it through, as people on this
list suggested, and it is indeed at the uk2 servers
that long delays are occurring.  They claim to be
working on the problem but they haven't said when it
will be solved.

I am tempted to change provider but not sure I can
bothered with the hassle. Also, a couple of people
I've spoken too (and one responder on this list) have
been having problems unconnected to uk2 so perhaps it
is the floods.


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