[Nottingham] Linux Emporium Talk

namaste marcel.taylor at ntlworld.com
Sat Mar 31 20:01:33 BST 2007

Hello All,
I've been asking Linux Emporium questions about the Thinkpad Z61m. John 
Pinner has offered to give us a talk. So does someone want to organise it?

MT: What else did you do to get the laptop hardware working? Could you 
supply the documentation or tell me where I can get the documentation of 
all the things you did and how you did them?

JP: Not really. There's no documentation as such, it's all in the 
install scripts themselves, and we're not publishing them. We have given 
them to the Ubuntu developers, but they haven't done anything with them, 
which is very disappointing as they correct a couple of fundamental bugs 
in the Ubuntu acpi system as well as updating the data for Thinkpads and 
Lenovo 3000's. Producing documentation would be a costly exercise and 
wipe out any hope of profit from the laptop sales, which have a very low 

I see you're a Nottingham LUG activist, so if you're short of a talk we 
could do one for you, and tell you more then!

John Pinner.
john at linuxemporium.co.uk
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