[Nottingham] Easy network programming

Andy Davidson andy at nosignal.org
Mon May 14 10:28:52 BST 2007

Hi, Chris

On 13 May 2007, at 11:40, Chris Burton wrote:

> When I can multihome on IPV6 and not be an LIR I might be more  
> interested in it, at the moment I still see it as a bit of a toy  
> thing as there arnt enough users to drive it forward.

I'm not sure of your operational background, so I apologise in  
advance if I am teaching you to suck eggs, but ..

If this is something that you have a strong opinion about, then it is  
probably worth voicing your opinion on the local (European/RIPE)  
address-wg mailing list - it's almost a year now since the case was  
refined and restated for v6 PI assignments :


There is a desire to keep the v6 default-free routing table small.   
Breaking up PA into chunks to allow multihoming does not allow for this.

> Interesting concept here though http://ipv6porn.com/ to try and get  
> more users.

This was debated on a number of operational lists that I am on, the  
consensus was that the material would find its way onto v4 p2p sites,  
because we don't collectively have a strong enough opposition to  
piracy !

Andy Davidson - ( http://www.andyd.net/ )

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