[Nottingham] Easy network programming

Tom Bird tom at marmot.org.uk
Wed May 16 23:20:09 BST 2007

Andy Davidson wrote:

> There is a desire to keep the v6 default-free routing table small.  
> Breaking up PA into chunks to allow multihoming does not allow for this.

Another way to look at it is that it'll be rare that an AS requires more 
than one /32 assignment, even if you gave one to all active ASNs that 
are connected up today, IIRC that's still less than 40,000 prefixes. 
Your choice if you accept more specifics but I get the feeling that the 
longest acceptable prefix in the v6 tables will be the /32, as the /24 
is the longest useful prefix in todays v4 internet.

Also, the requirement to become a LIR before multihoming might have a 
positive effect, raising the barrier to multihoming (when in a lot of 
cases its just not necessary) and reducing the number of tinpots with a 
couple of linux boxes filling up our routing tables.

Anyway, back to Linux ;)


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