[Nottingham] Paypal Website Payments Pro and PHP

Richard Hayes ricky at domainarena.net
Mon May 14 12:30:49 BST 2007

Hello guys and gals.

Hope you're all well. Not strictly a Linux question, but more a PHP on a Linux platform question :)

Does anyone have any experience with having programmed an interface for PayPal's "Website Payments Pro" in PHP5?

My sister uses PayPal on her site to take payments the easy way (site -> paypal -> return to site), but it's putting people off who have a credit card. The callback is done by the IPN (instant payment notification), which is *OK* but it's sometimes slow to inform her site that a payment has been made, and so people think it has failed :(

So she has asked me if I can put a proper Credit Card authorisation system in, whereby it talks to PayPal in the background (using CURL perhaps?), and my script gets an instant Computer-Says-Yes/No answer without the customer leaving her site.

I've been reading through the PDFs, and they talk about getting the C development kits -- this is a problem since she hosts on a shared server, and she's not allowed SSH access or stuff like that.

Any pointers, ideas, would be gratefully accepted.

Thanks guys.

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